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KIdz Matter Nursery Application Form

Parents Matter

At Kidz Matter we recognise that parents are their children’s first and most enduring educators and carers. Our aim is to work in close partnership with parents to complement their approach to childcare, particularly to assist children when learning new skills such as weaning, potty training, reading and writing. The closer the parent and nursery team work in partnership, the more rewarding the child’s time in nursery will be.


What’s more we understand the demands on parents, working, looking after the children, housework …you name it we understand.

That’s why we don’t want you to also have to worry about choosing the right childcare. We want you to leave your child in our capable and caring hands and go about your day with a smile, knowing that they are happy and having a fun time at nursery.


We promote an open door policy and welcome parent and carers to “stay and play”. If you just want an informal chat or a more formal discussion we will always make ourselves available to listen.

You will also be invited to regular parent meetings to discuss your child’s progress. At the end of each day all parents will be given honest feedback on their child’s day, including what they have eaten, sleep times, and any other relevant information including any key moments. If you prefer a written “My Day” sheet then please ask your child’s key person who will be more than happy to provide this.



Also we welcome feedback both positive and negative, after all we realise there is always room for improvements. So we encourage you to let us know via the parent feedback cards what we are doing well and things we could do better, to make the nursery a better place for parent and child.

This booklet is intended to give you an insight into Kidz Matter Nursery and what you can expect from us.

Further details are available on request the nursery has adopted a comprehensive list of policies and procedures to ensure operations run smoothly and everybody knows what is expected of them. A copy of all the nursery policies and procedures, along with other relevant and useful information is available in

the reception area, parent’s notice board and display racks.


Anything that you need to know that you cannot find …just ask and we will endeavour to help with your enquiries.

Equally if you require us to provide information in a different language, braille or require an interpreter we will do our best to support with this too.



Kidz Matters Nursery Fees:

                                         Full Time Place (Mon-Fri) Aged 0-2 years            @ £200.00 per week

    Full Time Place (Mon-Fri) Aged 2-5 years            @ £200.00 per week

Sessional Rates: Full Day (08.00 -18.00 hours) @ £48.00 per day

                             AM Session (08.00 - 13.00)           @ £35.00 per session

                             PM Session (13.00 - 18.00)           @ £33.00 per session

** Please note:   Full Day fees include breakfast, lunch, light tea and snacks.

AM Session fee includes breakfast, lunch and am snack.

PM Session fee includes pm snack and light tea.

15 / 30 hours funded sessions are available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, subject to eligibility and availability.

These sessions will be subject to a small fee to cover the cost of consumable items including food, resources, tapestry, sports sessions, visits, PPE and more


All applications will be subject to a non-refundable £25.00 booking fee to ensure a place is secured.