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Our Rooms

At Kidz Matter we have 4 rooms 

- Baby room - 0-20 Months

- Toddler Room - 20Months - 30Months

- Pre-school 1 - 30Months - 40Months

Pre-School 2 - 40Months+

These ages are a rough guide and children will transition through to rooms based on their development and when staff and parents think they are ready for the next stage. 

Baby Room 

Our focus first and foremost in the baby room is to provide a calm and warm emotional environment for babies where they feel loved and cared for. Our baby room is for children aged 0-18 Months. Our team in enjoy working closely with parents and carers to ensure the routines from home are mirrored and tailored to each child as we understand the importance of this. 

Our team support parents with the weaning process and provide meals and bottles to children at times which suit their individual routines. Our team provide a calm stimulating environment for the babies where they can explore and learn safely. 

Our Team ensure there is lots of fun activities throughout the day keeping babies busy so it is important to ensure the babies have time to rest. Each of our babies have their own individual beds with their very own bedding bag. The room has UV lighting, sensory lights and calming music which are used at help our babies relax into sleep.

Baby room have their own outdoor decking area where the children can explore. This ensures they can access outdoor provision each day safely ensuring they have enough space to play, explore and learn.



The Toddler room is a spacious room which has access to a large outdoor decked area. Toddlers are busy exploring the environment making and building relationships. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable, playful and caring adults helping our toddlers to develop social and emotional as they actively develop socially and emotionally.

We take a child centered approach to play, putting the children at the centre of everything we do. The toddler room has an enabling environment which supports children to grow in confidence and to encourage self esteem. 

Our experienced team ensure children have lots of play opportunities where they can build their social skills which will help them to learn about sharing. This will also help children begin to understand other peoples thoughts and feelings.  

Learning new language, play ideas, independence, learning to regulate their emotions, turn take and have control over their own bodies are just a few things which our busy toddlers learn each day.. this mean ensuring our toddlers have quiet areas and relaxing sleep times are important for them to refuel emotionally and physically. Staff in the toddler room are great at adapting the surroundings to cater for the children's needs throughout the day.

Toddler Room

Pre-School 1 

Our Pre School 1 Room is ready for those children who are now much more mobile and keen to take risks and explore the world at their own pace. The children in this room have now learnt the power of questioning and they ask a lot! The staff in this room get a great insight into the interests of these children which helps them to plan in the moment following on from the child's interests scaffolding their learning and providing them with lots of new experiences and opportunities. Staff tune into children and play alongside then to show that their questions are being listened to and that their voice and ideas are important. Children in this room are making strong relationships and developing language at a fast pace. They are keen to tell staff about their busy weekends and times at home with family and friends. Providing lots of self independence is key at this stage preparing them for our PS2 room where they will being to prepare themselves for the journey to school.

In our Pre-school room the balance between teaching, play and a rich learning environment ensures our children have the skills they need ready for their journey to School. The children have everything they need to build all the characteristics of effective learning to help them through school and ensure their transition to school is a positive experience.

Pre-school children have a unique and skilled approach to play and this is vital in helping them to understand the world. They are beginning to have an understanding of their belonging in the world and starting to construct their own understanding of the world, making sense of it in a way which excites them and is of interest to them which makes them want to explore and learn further.

This is supported by our skilled Pre-school staff who will plan in the moment for the children and have a great understanding of how to provide the support needed to let the children test their ides and understanding whilst scaffolding and providing challenges for the children, ensuring they have what they need to reach their full potential.

Our staff work closely with parents and professionals to ensure the children are ready for school and understand the importance of learning and play. We provide advice for parents who may be worried about their children starting school and ensure we support them as much as we can by proving parents evenings where parents can talk to key workers about any concerns they may have and also keeping communications open through our Teachkloud app. 

Pre - School 2 

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