Our Rooms

Children are grouped according to their individual needs and stage of development, and not just by age. Therefore your child may be placed in a room before they reach a certain age if it is considered appropriate for their individual needs, however this would only be done following consultation and agreement with their parent/carers.


All play rooms have direct access to the extensive outdoor area, which consists of a covered decked area leading out from the playrooms, followed by a ramped access to the lower play / large grassed play area.

This allows for continuous play opportunities for all the children, offering them the choice of indoor and outdoor play throughout the day.


Research has proven that the outdoor learning environment is equally as important as the indoors and it is important that children have has much opportunity as possible to play outdoors, whatever the weather. Therefore we consider as long as children have the appropriate clothing and footwear outdoor play should not be restricted.


The outdoor area is completely secured by high perimeter fencing and children will be appropriately supervised at all times, both indoors and outdoors.


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Safety Matters

The nursery takes security, safe keeping and wellbeing of the children seriously and it is of the upmost importance to us.

No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to collect your child.


The door leading into the nursery area is fitted with a biometric door access control, allowing only registered user access. A dedicated receptionist is sited on entrance to the building to ensure all visitors are greeted upon arrival. At times when the receptionist is not on duty, the main door to the building will be kept locked and access will be monitored by internal video intercom, allowing only recognised users into the building.


On admission all persons authorised to collect children will be asked to provide a password. It is parents’ responsibility to inform the nursery in the event they have made arrangements for someone other than the recorded contacts are coming to collect their child. The nursery will NOT let a child leave the setting unless their details and associated password has been provided.

In the best interests of the security and safe keeping of all children we kindly ask that you do not open the front door or allow anyone to pass through the secure access door with you, even if they are known to you. Only staff can let people in or out

of the building.


If for any reason your child is not collected, without us been notified we will endeavour to contact named persons from your child’s records. If we are unable to contact any of these persons and you have not contacted us, two members of staff will remain in nursery after closing, however a late fee payment will be charged. If by 7.30pm you still haven’t contacted us or collected your child we are obligated to contact social services to inform them off the situation.


The welfare and safety of the children in the care of Kidz Matter is taken seriously. If any person has knowledge, concerns or suspicions that a child is suffering, has suffered or is likely to be at risk of harm, it is their responsibility to ensure that all concerns are referred to the relevant professionals, who have statutory powers to investigate and intervene when necessary.

If a member of staff is accused of abuse, they will be suspended until a full investigation is completed. This would be done through the nursery management team, who will then take the necessary steps to make a referral to Social Services or the

Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. The nursery has a “Safeguarding Children Policy” which provides further details of the procedures to follow in the event of a concern or allegation of abuse.


Learning and Development Matters

Children learn through purposeful play and exploration amd each of the age specific rooms are fully equipped to a high standard and promote inspiring learning environments. Equipment and resources are carefully selected to ensure the children’s safety and is monitored daily to ensure it is clean, free from defects or potential risks. Any damaged equipment is removed immediately and regularly replaced and added to. Kidz Matter nursery follows the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum Guidelines and aims to support and promote the “Principles into Practice” by ensuring the requirements are put into practice and followed. addition to promoting the prime and specific areas of learning, practitioners will also consider the Characteristics of Effective Learning to help ensure individual learning needs are considered and well planned for.


Our programmes, activities and nursery environments are designed to enhance these six areas of learning to ensure that your child is given every opportunity to develop at their own pace. Within our newsletters, notice board, website and regular communications you will be provided with additional ideas about how to engage with your child to support their learning. Your child will have their own personal “Learning Journey” which is a documented account of each child’s learning and experiences, including photographic evidence and artwork. You are welcome to look at their learning journey at any time and we would welcome your contributions from your child’s home and wider experiences, outside of the nursery. Activities and experiences on offer to children are carefully planned by the nursery practitioners. Adult led activities focus on children’s interests, identified through observation, interaction and communication. Equipment is appropriately organised and accessible to children to allow them freedom to initiate their own choices and to engage in their chosen activity independently. Emphasis is placed on providing children with new experiences and resources that provide opportunity for them to learn through their senses, natural curiosity and interests. Natural materials and resources that enable children to develop different skills and knowledge are readily available. Children learn through play, whether this is a young baby exploring items in our treasure baskets or older children growing plants or role playing experiences in the home area.


Nutrition Matters

Our menu is carefully planned to meet nutritional guidelines and to provide a healthy and balanced diet for 0-5 year olds. It is prepared fresh every day by our on-site cook, using fresh produce and ingredients, minimising the use of salt, sugars and fats.

Children are provided with up to three healthy meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch and Light Tea, depending upon the hours they attend.Fresh fruit and vegetables are considered as essential ingredients, sometimes cleverly disguised so that even the “fussiest” of eaters get their minimum “ 5 a day” intake.   


In addition to this children are offered a minimum of a morning and afternoon snack, throughout the day.Fresh milk is provided and fresh drinking water is readily available and accessible at all times.Mealtimes are a relaxed and sociable occasion, promoting new learning opportunities and conversations.Children sit in small groups with a team member, who promotes good table manners and social skills.Food is attractively presented and although children are encouraged to try new foods, they are

NEVER forced, and food is never used as a form of punishment.Children are encouraged with the younger ones being supported to serve themselves, enabling them to feel important and to develop independence and self-help skills.


We cater for all children’s specific dietary requirements and prior to admission parents are asked to provide full details of any specific dietary needs or allergies their child may have.Dietary needs will be communicated to the entire nursery team, and be easily identified by each child’s individual dietary requirement card, which is used at all meal / snack times.

This procedure is in place to ensure no child is given any food that they are not allowed, in error. (Please also refer to our Mealtime Policy)Babies and younger children’s diet, formula preference, weaning stage will also be fully documented and provided according to each individual child’s needs routine and in consultation with their parent/carer.We fully support all parents’ requests with regards to them supplying expressed breast milk to give to their child, although strict guidelines are in place to ensure the safe storage and preparation of this is adhered to.Menus are displayed in the reception area and are

rotated on a weekly basis.